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Дневник 13 января

Сегодня последний день 2012 ого года по старому стилю. Я снимаю торговый центр Тройка, делаю апгрейд слайдеру, играю в "побурлим" и получаю первые данные о моем питании...

Утром я здорово поплавал... во сне... Называя себя самыми последними словами поехал работать. С 12 до 20:00 я лишь раз сделал перерыв на съесть бургер. Второй день записываю всю еду в программу Noco calories, где сразу видно, что жру я на треть больше калорий, чам надо и в разы больше жиров, а вот белков чуть чуть недоедаю.
Я круто поснимал, используя слайдер и прием Stop Motion. Скоро смонтирую и покажу вам.

Так я апгрейдил слайдер.

Дома отмечали Старый Новый год.

Зое подарили игру Эволюция, но играли мы почему-то в "побурлим". В этой игре почти все время надо показывать предложенные в карточках предложения.

Перед сном добил перевод еще одного абзаца своего рассказа. Вот он: 1.3 For the good team I need a proper vessel. I accidentally stumbled in Internet to ideally appropriated bouncy catamaran Irkut 4(+2) with an aluminium chassis. It's owner had bout it a year ago and didn't use at all and had been sailing it for unnecessary.
Me and Vinogradov are convinced DIR-stylers (from Doing It Right). It means that we like when everything is properly made. We discussed a lot about nutrition in the campaign, and finally, due to extraordinary efforts of Alexey, we got a fulfilling results.
Almost all of the products were bought in a sublimated condition by the firm Gala-Gala. Many nights Alexey had been sorting it by the packages for each meal and dividing it among the members of the team. Finally each of us had got a bag with packages where in each package were a breakfast, dinner, semi-supper, supper of one of 10 days. That has been invited so thus a cooking will not get much time, meals will be changing, and will not get bore, and the weight of sucks will get less evenly (of girls sucks a bit faster, of course). Another point was a dish washing. We decided, that person on duty has to wash all other's dishes (ones you washed and some days rest). Great advantage to the level of comfort in dish washing was a rubberized gloves! Thinking about safety we had got a satellite phone and told to EMERCOM of YNAD and to Salekhard's rescue team about a plan of our campaign.
For scare away bears we had got hand flairs. For navigation I had detailed printed map and not goog detailed map in GPS navigator. We had also compasses, but because of
recognizable landscape and good working Garmin, they never been used.

Мой учитэл нэ отвечает, так что уж извините за ошибки...

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